The beaches of the Whangarei Inner Harbour

Graham St Beach, One Tree Poin

Graham St Beach, One Tree Point

Late  1970s my parents Jack and Flo Searing built a walkway down to a small inner harbour beach at Graham St One Tree Point.   They used to sit on the beach everyday and swim.

There are now two rocks on the beach – one called Jack and one called Flo.  For many years they were the only ones on the beach with numbers increasing to a few families at Christmas.
Graham St Beach, One Tree PoinBut oh how things have changed.  This Christmas on one day 60 people were counted and there was a continuous stream of people up and down the walkway. 
The local population and visitors have discovered the small beaches scattered between One Tree Point and the Marina entrance are a very safe alternative to Bream Bay.  At high tide perfect for small children and toddlers.
Graham St Beach, One Tree Poin


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