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    The above book has been released now in the last month. We thought that you would be interested in this cracking Kiwi novel.

    From the country that gave you MIDDLE EARTH, comes an adventure of exciting proportions

    Can be brought through all normal library outlets

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    Below are some of the reviews to date

    The Synopsis
    Sam is employed by the Department of Conservation (DoC). His two mates are helping out. Their task is to clear out as many feral pigs as they can in the Tongariro National Park, which is located in the North Island of New Zealand.
    There are three major volcanoes within this park, so the culling of the pigs has to be done with great care as there are an abundant amount of thermal pools, mud pools and, of course, volcanoes.
    In the high country of New Zealand, the weather can be very fickle, going from warm to cold within minutes. The three friends draw even closer as they get caught up in a weather pattern with a difference. Mist, sulphur, and rain envelop them and propel them back to the start of the New Zealand Wars of 1863.
    Three modern blokes, with all the paraphernalia of the 21st century, running around in the past, confused, lost, and trying to stay out of harm’s way, once they realise where they are.
    Will they get home? Will they change history? This is their story
    The attachment is the book cover.
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    Owen Clough
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    The Publisher
    Roger Lang

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    I haven’t got a lot of time to read at the moment, but I’ve managed to get up to Chapter Eight, and I think your book is AWESOME! To be honest, I wasn’t sure that it would be a genre I would want to read, but have since changed my mind! I will promote it as much as I can and I hope it does well for you.
    Tania H.
    This review is from: Whispers of the Past (Kindle Edition) 5 stars
    Sam, Bob and Shane are three long standing, bonded buddies on their annual tramp/hunting trip in the New Zealand bush in 2014. After finding themselves lost in thick fog and bad weather, they emerge from their shelter and became astonished with the dawning of realisation they are no longer in their own time. From then on they are on a mission to get back to their ‘present’ while being overwhelmed with the predicament of their current situation, all the while being unsuccessful in continually forming relationships with the locals which blows their minds.
    I found each of the characters credible, having their own voice, personality and presence which differed from one another. I found this not only in the main characters but also the supporting ones and I found I formed favourites along the journey in the characters, in particular Tui and Bill.
    Using their knowledge of history to help navigate them through 1860’s NZ, the three friends find themselves with a plethora of adventures and problems to solve. Fighting battles, impersonating officers, using futuristic methods to help heal wounded men are among the numerous happenings for the guys, all the while weaving me deeper into the telling of the story.
    My favourite character was Bob, the narrator. Although one of the three heroes, he had a way about him that also seemed vulnerable as he wasn’t always on top of the game which was a nice change and more believable.
    Did I like the book? You bet! I adored it, more than I expected to. I loved the attention to detail, and was pleasantly surprised with some of the happenings that made me rethink my impression of history, in particular the conversation and interaction between characters. I loved the twists, turns, the depth and layers of the story.
    There were only three tiny descriptions mentioned throughout the book that momentarily popped my head out of the story making me think it could of been better served with a different word, but that soon melted away as I read further. One of those descriptions mentioned being “booted” and it made me laugh as the person who was doing the “booting” was bare footed, again it soon melted away as the story was so riveting.
    Being a New Zealander myself I fully understood the strong use of “kiwi colloquialisms” liberally buttered throughout the novel and I would of loved to of seen their description added to the glossary at the end of the book for the benefit of a younger generation that might not understand their meaning and for readers of other countries. It’s a true New Zealand story telling of blokey proportions.
    I whole heartily recommend this wonderfully scripted and unique tale to anyone who likes history, New Zealand, plot twists, time travel and a good sink-your-teeth-in saga and to both men and woman. Being a woman myself I thoroughly loved it, even the hunting aspect, it wasn’t gory in the telling. Overall it was hard story to put down. Someone needs to get this into the hands of Sir Peter Jackson, as I see a film within these pages. I didn’t have a dry eye in the final handful of chapters! If this is the caliber of book one, it’s only left me with a greater anticipation and impatience of the next two in the trilogy.
    Review by dennis price on March 16, 2016
    Format: Kindle Edition 4 stars
    Good story-line that had me reading one chapter after another. Has some very interesting twists and turns of events. Ever wanted to travel back in time? Well here’s your chance!
    Mike Ohare 5.0 stars I have awarded it five stars on Amazon, and it is worth it in my humble opinion. Reminded me of why I miss home.
    Mary Drummond,
    I enjoyed this book immensely, found it hard to put down, recommended it to everyone.
    Claire, from Takapau
    Most enjoyable read, recommend this book to all who enjoy a book with twists.
    Blue, from Takapau.
    I could not put it down, I cannot wait for the next instalment. I brought another one for my son.
    Barbara Leach
    Loving Whispers of the Past. It’s got that feeling you are there while reading it. Can’t wait for book 2
    Rating 5 star it was amazing
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    Review I enjoyed this book, the twists and turns in New Zealand’s history as the characters find themselves back in the past. They are venerable and lost. Many twists in the story, well worth a read. Cliffhangers all the way.
    Donna Maree Clough-Beauchamp
    I didn’t want to put it down but I had to go to bed… It was like 4am!!!
    Can’t wait for book 2.
    Well, I have just finished this fabulous book written by my very own uncle… OMG, it is the best I have read in a long time… I have laughed and cried!!! I am looking forward to the next book in the trilogy… Well done Uncle Owen.. 10/10
    I’m two chapters in and I’m hooked. I love your writing style. It’s as if I’m sitting next to your characters as they’re telling the story with a beer in hand. Can’t wait for the next installment. My full review will be on Goodreads as soon as I have finished.
    S Taylor of Auckland gave the book 4 stars
    Donna from Melbourne gave the book 5 stars
    David Hanger
    Barry Crump incarnated!
    Bought Whispers the day your email arrived and had read it from cover to cover in three days.
    I have to admit that after the first dozen or so pages I raced through section one as I’m not really an outdoor ‘Good Keen Kiwi bloke’, so ‘the bush’ and the brutal art of “pig hunting” are not my thing. But that’s a minor point. Once we arrived in the late 1800s you really captured my attention, particularly as I had researched that whole Road to War period. And like your reviewer quoted in your email, I too became quite emotionally involved in the return home.
    All in all, very well done indeed. I’m sure you’re well on the way to stardom, at least in New Zealand. And no doubt you got a huge kick the first time you picked up your own book. The greatest pay day of all, I say.
    Incidentally, I appreciated your even-handed approach to the land grab’s cause and effect.
    I have to repeat myself: congratulations on a job very well done. Mate!
    I’m also mightily impressed how you so accurately remained on song in spite of the before, during and after time warps. Your imagination and concentration are truly exceptional.
    David Hanger
    Author of GOLD RUSH
    Barbara Leach
    I highly recommend this book to all my friends and family.Owen Clough is a distant cousin of mine and this book is awesome.

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      Thanks Owen, I will pass this information to the Waipu Library.

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