Waipu Coastal Trail open now to Ding Bay

Waipu Coastal TrailKnown locally now as The McKenzie trail, this walk now extends from Waipu Cove all the way to beautiful Ding Bay.

This magnificent coastal trail is a tribute to the work of local man Alan McKenzie who worked tirelessly on the trail. Alan lobbied Whangarei District Council, with support of the Waipu Residents and Ratepayers and the Waipu Lions Club who continue to maintain the trail.  Alan died recently, and did not see the final work done.  The trail goes through a section of his family land, where a QE2 reserve protects the beautiful coastal bush that he and Marjorie have established.

Pancake Rocks, Waipu Coastal Trail

Pancake Rocks, Waipu Coastal Trail

Last year the Trail was open as far as the paper road on Waterman Drive, but with the help of the Waipu Lions Club it now extends all the way.  The Lions club have built steps, bolted ropes onto rocks and build bridges over bogs and watercourses.  It is however still a work in progress, so care is needed.

Please wear good shoes and take care, there is rock hopping required.  And please take your rubbish with you!

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