WATCH: Award winning photography filmed in Waipu Caves

Jordan and Jenna are a Canadian couple who packed up their life in Canada and moved to New Zealand to film their adventure travels.  They have filmed themselves taking part in most of the adventure tourism activities that New Zealand has to offer.

Glowworm caves would not normally be associated with adventure tourism, however if you are into caving and abseiling you may well find yourself staring at many a glowing wall.

Jordan ended up spending over 60 hours filming glowworms in free caves around New Zealand.   The footage he ended up with and painstakingly compiled won him the New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year Award in the timelapse category (2015).  A large amount of the footage that resulted in the beautiful time lapse video “Glowworms in Motion” was filmed in Waipu Caves.  Jenna comments on their website that Waipu Caves was their favourite cave.

The video is a must see, it is stunning and captivating.  My daughter’s class from Waipu School visited the caves for their Year 1 camp earlier this year and this video was a great accompaniment to the work they were doing around glowworms.

This video below is also available to watch on Jordan and Jenna’s Adventure blog

Glowworms in Motion


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