Tartan Week – needed a new co-ordinator

Tartan Week is growing and it is fun – we need a new co-ordinator if it is to continue...

Rosemary Neave has co-ordinated Winter@Waipu when it began and Tartan Week since it has begun and would like to hand this over to someone else.

Tasks include

  • Developing a programme each year (many events are ongoing and have their own momentum)
  • Working with the Waipu Business and  Promotions Group (the umbrella organisation) and Waipu Museum
  • Co-ordinating this information and getting it into the website, and notices to press and organising a flyer

Rosemary is very happy to train and support someone is this role.  Contact her

rosemary@breambay.co.nz  or 09 4321234 027 289 0383


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