Taking Kids On A Long Road Trip

Motor Home Hire NZA road trip is often more than simply going from one place to another, and a road trip can mean seeing lots of different towns and sights in one trip. Therefore, it’s a great place to see new things, and to get immersed in the culture of a country.

However, if you’re planning a trip with children, you might be worried about having them spend so much time in the car, and the thought of lots of driving fills many parents with dread. That’s why planning things in advance is so important, and here’s a guide to taking kids on a long road trip.

Ensure you have space

Having enough space to fit the kids, their luggage, and toys is important, and so if your car won’t fit everything in, it might be work looking at motorhome hire in NZ for your journey. It means that the kids will have space for their car seats, and can often sit up to the table while they’re being driven around, so they have space to play a board game or draw.

Apollo Motor homeRoad trip games

Road trips can be fun if the kids are entertained and engaged, so think about some games you can do along the way.

Popular road trip games include:

  • Eye spy
  • Visual scavenger hunts
  • Sing alongs
  • The license plate game
  • Twenty questions

If you have space such as a table in a campervan, you can also play games such as noughts and crosses, meaning it’s easy to entertain the kids for long periods.

Electronic devices

Tablets are a great way to keep the kids entertained, but they may need charging on long trips. If you hire a campervan with power outlets, they can be charged on the go, and many devices have plugs that fit into cigarette lighters to recharge during the journey. A couple of hours on a tablet means peace while you’re driving, and kids can often play games or watch videos if using mobile internet.

Nap time

Nap time will help keep the kids quiet, and means they’ll wake up at their destination feeling refreshed. Remember, if you hire a campervan, kids can’t sleep in the beds while you’re driving, as they need to still be buckled in. You can however get seatbelt or neck pillows which allow them to get comfy, and make sure you’ve got enough blankets for those long nap times.

Stop at a Playground for a Break

APNZ_Endeavour-Camper-Lifestyle-Photo-3Every town now has great public playgrounds, a perfect place to stop for a snack – parents enjoy a cup of coffee and the kids get to stretch their legs.  In Christchurch a stop at the newly opened Margaret Mahy Playground is a must for all ages!

It’s not always easy to take kids on a long journey, and it takes lots of planning in advance. However, if you’ve got games, snacks, and some bedding for nap time, then the trip can be much more bearable. Make sure you find lots of places to stop along the way, and this will ensure a more pleasant journey, and also means you’ll see more of the place you’re visiting. Kids will get used to long journeys if you make them often enough, so don’t be shy about taking them in the car while they are young.