The Piroa Falls – a local secret

Piroa Falls is one of Bream Bay’s more hidden secrets –  a gem of a place, that is not quite so ‘hidden’ since the NZ Herald pointed out that it is one of the great non-beachy places to enjoy in the summer.  An easy 10 minute bush walk takes you to the falls – it does have stairs, so no good for pushchairs.

I went last week and there were quite a few families there, clambering over rocks, sitting under the falls, jumping into the pools, or simply watching the fun – which is what I did.  Most of the time I have been there, it has been just me and the birds!

The Piroa Falls are 7ms off State Highway 1 at the foot of the Brynderwyn Hills,  just a 15 minute drive from Waipu, and well worth the visit.

We included it in a great round trip to Maunguturoto, Paparoa and Pahi, and cut back through the Waipu Gorge Road from Maunguturoto.  Its hard to believe that this used to be the main road north.  It must have been a nightmare then, but these days it is a cruisy, though dusty drive through farmland and native bush.

PiroaThe Falls are about half way between the SH1 and Maunguturoto.  A short well formed walk through beautiful bush takes you to the falls, and a large concrete picnic table (how on earth did they get that in here???)  There are a lot of steps – but the walk is worth it.

You come out into a world of water and bush.  Its a bit cold to swim today, but in the summer, I have sat beneath the small falls and its like a personal spa bath.  Today we just sit and enjoy the quiet and the flow of water.


Department of Conservation Link to Piroa Falls

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