OTP Art Exhibition Success

For the Artists that took part in the first ‘Art in Action’ Exhibition over Auckland anniversary weekend at One Tree Point the event was a phenomenal  success.

From the doors opening at 10am on Saturday it was buzzing.  The One Tree Point Yacht Club was bulging at the seams at times so thank goodness for the respite of good food and a cuppa and the veranda for an escape, plus the bonus of that awesome view of Whangarei Harbour.

This event would not have been possible without the ‘vision’ of Colin and Anne Coutts.   Colin knew there was plenty of creative people in the community so he set out to find them.  I don’t think he was ready for the response, but was thrilled to find such a wealth of talent right here in the Bream Bay area.

Colin approached Creative Northland who were pleased to be involved and want to be very proactive with any events in the future, which is awesome.  The group of artists who exhibited at this first OTP Art Exhibition will work closely with them.

With other extensive advertising and marketing Colin insured the news spread and that the right ‘art minded’ people were invited.  The resulting exposure has been great, not only local papers but also the NZ Artist magazine and Craft World in Auckland have shown a great deal of interest.

As an outcome of the event a working group will be formed and an annual OTP Art Exhibition is planned.

During the weekend a book was open for anyone to fill in with an expression of interest.  All those people will be contacted and those invited will be involved in next years event.

A new website is also available for any artists/artisans in The Bream Bay area to join and showcase their art and reach a wider audience.  Check it out at breambayarttrail.co.nz

Article submitted by Maree Gutry

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