New Manager of Bream Bay Community Website

Jeannie and Rosemary

Jeannie and Rosemary

Rosemary Neave started the Bream Bay Community website in 2008 to support the work being done by the Waipu Business and Promotions Group to develop a Winter@Waipu festival, which has developed to a celebration of all things Tartan in June and July each year.

Rosemary reflects “I love networking and running a community website was a great fit for me – when I came across something that I wanted to publicise, there was somewhere to do it. – a website, Facebook and Twitter. It was all about creating community and celebrating it, as well as advertising what events were coming up.”

By the time Rosemary moved to Christchurch to live, the site had found a way to be partially self funding through a growing online business directory. “I was keen that the website continued to grow, and while I did it mostly for love, rather than for money, the business directory meant that it was not going to be a financial drain on someone taking over”.

The new manager of the Bream Bay Community website is Jeannie McKee, a mum of two who has lived in Bream Bay since 2013, now living in Waipu.

“Family and climate were our main reasons for moving here. We’ve lived in One Tree Point, and now in Waipu, we love the whole stretch of coast from the harbour to Langs.

I’m really looking forward to taking over the site and building on the great local resource that Rosemary has created.  It’s going to give me lots of opportunity to get to know more people and businesses in the community. “

Jeannie is looking forward to expanding the site’s capacity for giving local businesses and community groups a strong online presence.

Already the site ranks well on Google and receives on average 10,000 page views a month, which is great for those searching for local information, and excellent for the businesses listed on the Online Directory.

Jeannie has a background in IT which is helpful, but she sees the strength of the site is its depth of local content, Jeannie says “I’m looking forward to the challenge of keeping that valuable content going.”

Rosemary now lives in Christchurch with her partner Cynthia, but keeps in touch with Waipu regularly through friends, reading the Bream Bay News online and visits.

Over the coming months the site will be updated and have a new look, the online business directory will be enhanced and Jeannie has some other new features in mind that she thinks will be of value.

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  1. Mohan and Ami Peiris on August 2, 2016 at 3:21 pm

    Hi Jeannie,

    An exciting job share position for a young couple ( Full Time with subsidised accomodation)

    My wife Ami and I have recently bought Aotea Macadamias on Glenmohr Rd. ( Please check the website to get a feel for the business). As Ami and I live and work in Auckland we are looking for someone who can do the processing and dispatch work at Waipu on around 2-3 days of the week including Saturday and then do orchard work on other days ( 35 hrs per week in total).This is not a huge complex operation but rather a flexible,easy one.

    The job holder(s) has to live on site in nice subsidised 2 bedroom accomodation ( with swimming pool facilities). Later on, a B&B operation will also be run by the couple from the premises.

    The current owners ( Tom & Sylvienne McCleland) plan to stay on for around 3 months to mentor and train the new person.

    Please let me know whether you can help give some publicity to this in the area. I’m currently advertising on Student Job Search and getting applications from Whangarei but think someone more local could benefit.

    Thanks and regards,


    • Jeannie McKee on August 3, 2016 at 1:29 pm

      Hi Mohan
      Please send me exactly what you’d like the job ad to say to and I’ll put something on the website for you and share on Facebook.
      Kind regards

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