Mid-Winter Swim at Waipu Cove

The surf was rough and the tide full at Waipu Cove on Sunday 28 June when the Waipu Surf Club hosted the annual Winter@waipu midwinter swim. About 20 brave souls donned costumes of every variety and about the same number came to watch and laugh. A couple of dogs joined in the fun as we all ran for the waves – with much hilarity and screaming we ran through the waves as the shark alarm sounded in celebration. Afterwards The Beachhouse Restaurant gave the swimmers a complimentary coffee, and had a great lunch time special to warm us all up. Sue Matthews who does not usually brave even the summer waters, dressed as Wonderwoman, though clasped a hotwater bottle firmly to her chest. Richard from the Four Square wore a kilt – it was not as cold as you might think, with a northerly blowing in, but it was cold enough to earn that coffee!

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