Marsden Cove Fishing Club 2015 events

marsdencovefishingMarsden Cove Fishing Club was formed in July 2009 as the result of a few locals meeting at the local Bait & Tackle Shop to yarn about their recent heaviest and largest fish caught and, of course, long discussions regarding the “one that got away”

Here are the dates of their competitions/events this year:

                     13th-14th March 2015       More Information

                          27th-28th March 2015    More information

                Nov 2015            More information

Fish Caught in Bream Bay Include:

snapperSnapper are caught all year, but mainly from October to March/April, off both the east and west coasts of the North Island, in Tasman Bay and in Golden Bay. Premium quality fish are caught by longline. Snapper are also caught by trawl or Danish seining.

Tarakihi are regarded highly by both commercial and recreational fishermen. For many years, they were New Zealand’s second most important commercial catch. They are caught around New Zealand throughout the year with catches increasing February to June, mainly by trawling.

Trevally  is common around many parts of the North Island and the top half of the South Island. They are most abundant at depths of about 80 metres and are caught throughout the year.

John Dory  are caught year-round in coastal waters off northern New Zealand, often in mixed species trawl catches of Snapper and Tarakihi, and by Danish seiners.

Northern kahawai (A. xylabion) was only recognised as a separate species in the 1990s. The fish are a dark bluish-green with grey spots. At 95 centimetres, they are bigger than the common Kahawai. They are found in northern New Zealand waters and around the Kermadec Islands.

Red gurnard are caught all year around New Zealand (except in Fiordland).

Blue moki are caught year-round off the east coast, from Bay of Plenty to Kaikoura, by trawl or set nets.

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