New Charter Boat business in Marsden Cove

bay-fishing-charters-logoJacqui Taylor – Lynds and Robert Lynds started Bay Fishing Charters Ltd in Tauranga over 5 years ago.  Over the years they grew the business to include 4 charter boats all of various sizes and employed Skippers and Deck Hands and took thousands of people out onto the water.  Now they are based at Marsden Cove. Here is a bit more about them….

Due to changes in the economy we decided to make some changes to our business. We converted our very first charter boat, the Norman McLeod **  to a commercial fishing boat. Then we sold two more boats and later purchased the San Costanzo which is also a commercial fishing boat. At the moment both boats are based out of Whangarei which is working well for us. All through these changes we continued to operate the Nimble 11 as our fishing charter boat.

Earlier in the year after staying with family at Whangarei Heads last November and looking out over to One Tree Point we decided to travel up and check out this area. We combined this trip with the Boat Show and thought the area and the Marina was great. At the same time it was suggested to us that we might like to operate our Fishing Charters out of the Marsden Cove Marina.

So we went back to Tauranga and made plans to have a change in lifestyle. We made changes to our businesses and put our house on the market and then started the process of bringing up to Marsden Cove our fishing charter boat the Nimble 11, our personal boat the Monsoon Bay and of course our vehicles and dog Charlie.

By 13 June we were all here and settled and down came the rain! So much for the winterless north!

The Nimble 11 Charter

nimbleII-300x156We are living in our boat and Robert who is a Skipper has been working on some general maintenance of the Nimble 11 which is now ready to go out on charters.  The Nimble 11 which is 17metres long is available for fishing trips for individuals, private charters for either full, or half days or 24 hour over night trips, harbour cruises, evening BBQ cruises, dive trips or even sight seeing trips.

We can take up to 20 people for a fishing trip, 10 people for an overnight trip and 40 people for a harbour, BBQ or sight seeing cruise. We can provide catered food for groups or they are welcome to provide their own. You can check out our website at

Jacqui: Although I am Operations Manager of the fishing business I am also currently looking for some part time work so that I can meet more people in the area and hopefully make some new friends.  Both Robert and I have a history of being involved in the community and we certainly intend to do this as part of our new life style.

****  Steve Marinovich has been operating a popular charter fishing business for many years in Bream Bay and also operates out of Marsden Cove with his Boat Kara J – website here With these two businesses, Bream Bay has a growing potential to develop as base for enjoying the fishing in the area, site seeing in the Whangarei Harbour, and overnight trips to the Hen and Chicken Islands.

More information on Fishing in Bream Bay

** The Norman McLeod was build in 1943 as a Lighthouse Tender, for many years it was a commercial fishing boat out of New Plymouth.  Now it is fishing out of Whangarei – keep an eye out for it in the Town Basin

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