Floating into Fitness

floating fitnessHave you ever considered doing strenuous-get-you-healthy exercises while floating in a gorgeous blue/green parachute silk cocoon off the floor?

This wonderfully exhilarating experience is on offer at Bream Bay Pilates in Waipu.

Barbara Faust-Heffner brought the concept back with her from Germany and on the way home found gorgeous silk slings in Bali to use as props in this unusual fitness programme. Those who have been to her newly introduced classes have found it novel and yet very effective in stretching those muscles which have not seen the light of day for a while or for correcting postural problems and for generally getting fitter.

Barbara is a registered exercise Professional and a certified Pilates Mat and Studio Instructor and mentor.  As well as offering the new Floating Fitness programme she has Pilates mat and Studio sessions in Waipu, which involve traditional Pilates exercises using balls, foam rollers and bolsters. Her Studio sessions use specially designed equipment such as a trapeze, table, chair and reformer.

Cirque du Soleil inspired Barbara to add her floating series incorporating a series of poses from traditional Pilates as well as modified aerial circus techniques on a low rigged silk hammock.

unnamed[1] (2)Floating Fitness is for everybody: from the client who is recovering from injury to the accomplished dancer who is looking for a new challenge. It is fun, safe, challenging and relaxing. Lying in the hammock being softly rocked back and forth while listening to meditative music is a wonderful way to relax after a class of unusual exercise.

If you admired the singer Pink at the Grammy Awards performing aerial dancing skills, there is no  need to travel to the States. Just come to Waipu to join Barbara’s Floating Fitness class. Bookings are essential.

For more information and a schedule of classes,
go to www.breambaypilates.co.nz
or ring Barbara on 09 432 0386 or 021 2998840

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