First Kiwi Eggs in Brynderwyns

For the first time in almost 50 years eggs have been laid in the Brynderwyn ranges.

brown-kiwiBack in April fourteen Northland brown kiwi raised on Motuora Island were released at Marunui Conservation, a private property on the south side of the Brynderwyn Hills with 423ha of indigenous forest managed for conservation purposes. Since then the kiwi have been regularly monitored and during July and August all were recaptured with the Department of Conservation’s assistance, health checked and given good report cards.

Catherine Hawley, a Marunui director, said they had noted a number of the birds pairing up and establishing territories and were hopeful that some might be of breeding age.

“Our wishes were realised when, while tracking the kiwi at the beginning of September, we picked up an incubation signal from the transmitter on a male. Then just two weeks ago we were thrilled to receive a similar signal from a second bird. Subsequent monitoring indicates that incubation is proceeding in both nests.”

kiwimaleoneggsIncubation, undertaken by the male, takes approximately 80 days.  It is likely that both fathers will be caring for two eggs as the female usually lays a second egg three weeks after the first.

Maranui’s chicks will hatch in Mid November and mid December and everything possible will be done to keep them safe from predators.  An intensive trapping regime for stoats, ferrets, weasels, feral cats, rats and possums is in place throughout the property.

Thanks Marilyn for keeping us up to date in the the Bream Bay News

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