Maori have a proud History in Waipu and Bream Bay

Marsden B Power Station before it was dismantled

Thanks to Marilyn of the Bream Bay News for printing this report.  Ever since I have been living in Waipu, I have tried to uncover more of this story, and it has not been easy.  At first I was told there were no Maori here when the Nova Scotians arrived, then that Maori assisted them,…

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Takahiwai Marae – DIY Marae

Local Takahiwai Marae on the shores of the Whangarei Harbour and under the shadow of Mt Manaia was the setting for one of Maori TVs DIY Marae.  Hundreds gathered to lend and hand with an amazing result. There are interviews some of the kuia – all over 80 years old Includes great story about the…

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