Bream Bay Creative Collective – are you interested?

SuzadrawingThere are a lot of wonderful creative people out here at Bream Bay…
There is a beautiful, spacious historic hall in Mangawhai Village…

How about if we formed a group of creative locals: ‘Bream Bay Creative Collective’ visual artists, painters, sculptors, designers, potters and anyone with an interest in art: a group of creative people of any age who are keen to meet likeminded for networking and support, personal growth, professional development and networking?

Group-members would be able to meet in the hall on Wednesdays from 7 pm – 9 pm. We would organise informal, social and supportive get-togethers as well as formal events such as

  • Feedback & constructive criticism on individual works (anyone of the group may book the hall for a Wednesday to show work in progress)
  • Slideshows on current exhibitions & biennales (national& international)
  • Lectures on art history & contemporary art (we would be inviting, outside professionals such as lecturers, curators and artists local, national as well as international)
  • Art movie nights…

Depending how many we are in the group, each of us pays say $ 5 a month towards the hire of the hall. Then each of us may book an evening to do something creative to share with the community.

The possibilities are vast. We could apply for creative funding and find sponsors to finance bigger events and performances etcetc… This group may blossom and grow into something really amazing…

At the moment there is five of us. Pat Hadlee, Chris Leslie, Mary Kelleher & myself. We are just ‘hatching’ this idea out and are looking for more people to brainstorm with and get it started. We are looking for ‘active participants’, anyone who has the passion and time to build and promote the group, to select and organise shows and events, etcpp… And we are looking for ‘supporters’, anyone who wants to be put on our database so we can invite them to upcoming events and shows and of course anyone who just wants to be part of this.

We are looking forward to hear back from you and hope to see you soon.

Suza from Suza’s Studio
1178b Cove Road, Waipu  021 924 819Mangawhai - Our Story complete

To kick the evening off Mary is doing a formal presentation of her mural concept, HANDMADE HISTORIES. This promises to be fun and will give us the opportunity to test our idea and Mary a good practice run.

Mary has been working on her unique mural concept “Handmade Histories” for 4 years. Her mural “Mangawhai, Our Stories” has been displayed at the local museum. Since this commission, there are now two other Handmade Histories murals being made into books. She will show us her new mural “THE MOUSE IN THE MILL” for the first time in public and tell us about her work in progress ‘The story of RMS Niagara’ which is going to be used by the Mangawhai Beach School next term for learning. She now plans to reach other communities who have expressed interest in their stories being told in this way… She is off to Hokitika, South Island, West Coast in a couple of weeks to speak to some folk there.

At the Mangawhai Hall at 7 00 pm on Wednesday 16th we will have the opportunity to see her new work exhibited and enjoy her audio-visual projection presentation. Please feel free to bring friends and family!



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