ArtnTartan – Some Creative Opportunities

teacups-featureWith this year’s Waipu Museum Art ‘N Tartan very successfully completed, the committee is already looking ahead to next year’s event.

This will be bigger and better than any other  so it has been acknowledged that more volunteers are required to man all the areas of management to ensure another very competent professional award ceremony.  Art ‘N Tartan will be looking for more entries from further afield and with the prize money at a very attractive level, the committee is sure that artists from near and far will come forward.

phena-cyclo-trope_2Here are some areas of help needed – do any of them sound like you?

  • stage management
  • data input
  • decorating
  • Ticketing
  • front of house
  • dressing room management
  • Being on the committee

This is a great opportunity to gain some more skills, share some skills, get to know the locals.

If this is you, contact the Waipu Museum or on the Art ‘N Tartan facebook

The old saying “more hands make light work” will certainly apply with the increased interest and acknowledgment this unique event is generating within the community. Art ‘N Tartan is contributing to the developing image of Waipu as a strong heartland of artistic and creative energy.


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