Mt Manaia from Takahiwai

Mt Manaia from Takahiwai

 Ko Manaia te maunga  Manaia is the mountain
 Ko Te Renga Paraoa to moana  Whangarei Harbour is the sea
 Ko Takahiwai te whenua  Takahiwai is the land
 Ko Rangiora te wharenui  Rangiora is the meeting house
 Ko Te Pirihi te tangata  Pirihi is the ancestor
 Ko Patuharakeke te iwi  Patuharakeke is the people

Takahiwai has been a Maori settlement for as long as anyone can remember. An Archaeological survey carried out in 1981 recorded 20 pa in the hills from Takahiwai to Mata, compared with only 10 in the rest of Ruakaka. It would therefore be fairly safe to assume that there was a concentration of Maori people in the area during the Maori wars in the Nineteenth Century. This is borne out by the legends of the area.

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Takahiwai is a settlement which hugs the Whangarei Harbour shore, west of One Tree Point and the Pukekauri Range. It is accessible only by one road from One Tree Point Road.  The community now consists or a wide range of families, both maori and pakeha, although most maori families have been here for generations.

The children of Takahiwai attend the Ruakaka Primary School or the One Tree Point Primary School or Bream Bay College. Long ago there was a school in the district called the Takahiwai Maori Native School, but has been closed now for quite some time.


  1. Kathleen on November 10, 2015 at 11:30 am

    Wow beautiful people of this Marae I my self are Ngati Toa use are and was impressed Our class of 2015 Socail Services Te Wananga O Aotearoa had a ball beautiful atmosphere tangata whenua oh and the KAI yuumah thanks again Tangata whenua of Ngati Patuharakeke uz have tino MANAAKITANGA 5star marae this one is xx KAT

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    There is actually 2 that go to Pompallier Catholic College and 5 coming up
    and there was an old school up the back in the last generation


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